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Bitcoin Cambodia empowers individuals and businesses across Cambodia to grasp and utilize Bitcoin securely and privately. We provide expert guidance on safeguarding your Bitcoin, ensuring you have complete control and actual ownership of your digital assets. Our mission is to demystify Bitcoin, making it accessible and straightforward for everyone, regardless of their financial background, enabling them to preserve their wealth, expand their financial horizons, and secure their future.

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Advanced Trading Solutions

Guiding you through safely purchasing Bitcoin on trusted and reputable platforms.

Master Bitcoin Self Custody

Explore the advantages of air-gapped wallets and master the implementation of multisig solutions for superior security.

Bitcoin Concierge Services

Tailored, expert advice and solutions, available when you need them.

Bitcoin Node Setup

We’ll show you how to use, set up and securely acces a Bitcoin node.

Enhanced Bitcoin Privacy

Discover best practices and strategies to improve your Bitcoin privacy.

Inheritance planning

Assistance in safeguarding and passing down your Bitcoin legacy.


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Bitcoin Cambodia, powered by MekongMonkey, stands as the leading authority on Bitcoin in Cambodia. This partnership ensures that our services are backed by the most reliable and up-to-date knowledge in the field.

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Bitcoin Cambodia is committed to providing insights on the optimal Bitcoin security and privacy practices. Please be aware that we do not offer financial, legal, or tax services. For financial or tax advice, we strongly advise consulting with a professional advisor before making any decisions.