If this is your very first encounter with Bitcoin, we strongly suggest you start with watching an introduction video on our about page.

Once you are ready to buy some Bitcoin; got to LocalBitcoins and open an account. This is done in a matter of minutes and requires no personal information besides a valid e-mail address. Now you can easily select one of our offers and start an order.

You will receive your purchased bitcoins in you personal web-wallet on LocalBitcoins. For long-term storage, we advise you to move your bitcoins away from the internet to a wallet app. We like Jaxx. It is available for all devices and all operating systems. Very easy to use and completely open source. Just make sure to follow the backup instructions carefully and set a security pin before sending bitcoins to your new wallet. Another beautiful and highly secure alternative is Exodus. It is a multi-asset desktop wallet for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It comes with ShapeShift integration. This allows users to quickly and securely convert between different cryptocurrencies without leaving the application or sending coins to an exchange. Exodus is a perfect desktop wallet for beginners. Check out MekongMonkey’s in-depth review and installation guide.

For larger amounts of bitcoin, you might one to consider buying a hardware wallet, like a Ledger Wallet. This is a small device where you store your bitcoins away from your computer for maximum security.

More information about different Bitcoin wallets can be found on MekongMonkey.


Get Bitcoin For Free

If you are interested in Bitcoin but rather spend time than money on getting some; MekongMonkey created a list of the best free bitcoin sites and apps. Each site has been tested to verify that you can earn free bitcoin. You receive bitcoins on some sites by referring others, and others pay you bitcoins for viewing ads, some by answering captcha challenges.

As we tested each service, it is safe to say that these services provide a little value, and some people report you can earn up to 500 000 satoshis in free bitcoin each week if you are persistent.


Buy, Sell and Invest Bitcoin

Binance is a new, Hong Kong-based crypto exchange. It’s the most popular exchange at the time of writing. Mostly because it offers the lowest trading fees available: 0.1% and if you use their native BNB token you can even cut that price in half. Binance provides a wide variety of crypto markets and should be your go-to exchange if you want to trade cryptocurrencies with the lowest possible fees. As an added bonus, there are no KYC requirements for withdrawals up to 2 BTC/day.

BitMEX is an advanced margin trading service with up to 100x leverage and very low fees. It’s a bitcoin-only platform, but they offer tradeable contracts for some selected altcoins as well. If you are new to trading, you probably want to spend some time reading their references section before jumping in.

Vaultoro is a bitcoin gold exchange where you can buy and sell gold with bitcoin. It is a fully audited company that keeps your gold secure in a top-tier Swiss bullion vault.

Trading assets online carries a high level of risk thus may not be appropriate for all investors. The investment value can both increase and decrease. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always try to keep your bitcoins in your own wallet.

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